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The Process

If you came here expecting a lot of technical jargon and long list of obstacles you need to overcome, you’ll be happy to know that the process of converting your paper files or documents through high speed file scanning and digitally storing them is a simple one.

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We will talk with you about your requirements, the volume of work and the current format of the documents. The only thing you will need to decide is how you want the documents indexed. As an example,  you may want the files indexed under 4 fields: First Name, Last Name, Address, File Number.

Once we have confirmed with you the most effective way to index documents in your new digital archive, we will come and pick up the files/paperwork and bring them to our scanning facility. Here we will prepare and process the documents converting them to digital format.

The documents/files are then returned to you in digital format, on an external Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

After you have indicated you are happy with the digital files we will arrange for confidential, secure shredding of the original documents if you do not wish for them to be returned to you.  

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